Wild Soul is the expression of 4 years into one record; since my debut EP ‘Lucky Girl’ a lot has changed. I’ve toured all around the UK, wrote songs through tears and laughter, learnt to love life in all it’s seasons and even walked down the aisle. In 2015 we brought in the new year with a song writing trip. I remember it so distinctly; the beautiful views loudly clashing with my thoughts and feelings. The presence of such light and darkness led to a diagnosis of severe depression and a long journey back to myself. Songs such as Saviour and Islands resonate with such a time. Thankfully, with the support of those around me, things started to change and the album started to transform into an anthem of rising up and chasing after life. Fearless, In It All, Unpredictable and Wild Soul were born, shaping the sound into what it is today. My heart for the album is for you to know that life can be tough at times, but within us all is the power to rise up fearlessly. Never settle for the hand you are dealt, we are born into a world untamed. So be brave, be fearless and live a life as a Wild Soul.

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